Green Man's Morris and Sword Club

Dances from the Cotswolds and Lichfield and Sword Dances from the North East of England

Green Man head

Green Man dancing at FradleyIf you are young (of mind), male, fit, energetic, have a sense of rhythm and enjoy being part of a team, why not come along to a Tuesday practice night and have a go? You will be taught all you need to know! Dancers and musicians are welcome. We look forward to seeing you. During the Winter Season we practise at Highcroft Sports and Social Community Centre, Slade Road, Birmingham B23 7JG on a Tuesday evening from 8pm. The entrance is directly opposite the Stockland Green Methodist Church.

Green Man at the Lichfield BowerGreen Man's Morris was directly involved in the revival of the Lichfield dances, referenced in documents of the late 18th century, and was appointed "Custodian of the Lichfield Tradition" by The Morris Ring of England. The dances were unseen outside the City of Lichfield until 1954 and are different from the six-man dances of the Cotswolds morris traditions in that they are for 8 dancers.

We have lead the Lichfield "Bower" Procession for the last 60 years. Our 60th Anniversary Card from Three Spires Morris is here >>. Held in May, the event dates back to the yearly inspection of military equipment as demanded by the Statute of Westminster in 1285. More >>

Our music is always played live. Our musicians play pipe and tabor, accordion, concertina and other instruments. More about the pipe and tabor >>

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Contact the Bagman; Paul Oldhams